Allergy Testing in Jersey

Various methods of allergy testing can be performed based upon the suspected allergen type and symptoms.

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Skin Prick Testing

Scratch tests are performed by placing a small amount of allergen solution on the skin (often the forearm) and using a sterile lancet to gently introduce the allergen under the surface of the skin. After around 15 minutes, a raised itchy weal at the site of the allergen can suggest an underlying allergy. This test is performed during the appointment and so can give an immediate result. Multiple different allergens can be tested simultaneously.

Like allergy blood testing, false negative and false positive results can occur, so it is important that the test result is assessed by someone with the knowledge and experience to do so.

Because antihistamine medication (e.g. Chlorphenamine, Cetirizine, Loratadine, Fexofenadine) can interfere with the outcome of these tests, it is important that such medication is stopped at least five days before the test. This can be problematic for some people who need these medications to treat their symptoms. Some other medications (steroids, some antidepressants) can also interfere with testing but SHOULD NOT BE STOPPED suddenly without medical guidance and the supervision of your GP.

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Specific IgE Testing

We work with laboratories in the UK and EU for these tests which are performed on a blood sample. This may be a traditional blood test or a finger-prick test depending on the type and number of allergens being tested.

False negative and positive results can occur with blood testing, making it important that the results are reviewed by someone with the specific knowledge and experience to do so.

Unlike Skin Prick Testing, antihistamine medication will not have an adverse effect on the results.

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Patch Testing

Patch Tests are used in the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis, when direct contact on the skin of a particular allergen can cause a delayed skin reaction.

These tests are performed by putting adhesive patches on the skin, testing multiple allergens at a time.

The test takes several days to complete and requires ongoing reviews with the doctor or nurse during that period.

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